ArcelorMittal Gent – Incentivos pelo trabalho desempenhado

ArcelorMittal Gent – Incentivos pelo trabalho desempenhado


Good evening Arlindo,

I am really satisfied of the complete day of NDT made by AIB on your
Skids and Posts and ECS piping weldings with the partial presence of a representative of AMG.
As this one said, It makes us definitively confident in your capacity to make your important job.
Hoping to have the same results on Monday. Congratulations to you, Diamantino, Viktor…and all your team.
Enjoy your week-end.
Kind Regards



Good Morning Arlindo,
Please find here-under the e-mail.His encouragement as final client has to be deeply appreciated. Such a positive attitude really participates to our motivation to continue on the wright way.

See you next week.

Thanks to inform me

Finally good news on welding jobs ;). It seems indeed that we don’t have to worry on all Faremi’s welding which is in fact the most important welding part of the whole project.
Encourage them also from our side as final client.

Good weekend.